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Coffee Conversations
Spill the Beans!
Players: 3-4
30-45 mins

Coffee Conversations, is a round based card game where a group of players, —characterized as neighbours living in a low-income Co-Op Complex— are trying to make it through the year. Players work through life alongside their neighbours as they face the struggles of monthly rent, looming burnout and possible evictions! At the end of the month, all the neighbours will come together for coffee to share how their month has gone.

Players can choose to aid one another and better orient themselves in everyone’s respective situations. Only through careful resource management and considerate collaboration, can players emerge from the year safe and sound together. Peer into this (possibly) foreign world and test your empathy and strategic abilities like you never had before!

Our Team
The individual minds behind this Transformative Fun Game
Dennis Limbo
Role: Team Organizer
Favourite Ape: Spectre
Sylvia Zhang
Role: Graphic Designer
Favourite Ape: Pansage
Jonathan Choi
Role: Content Strategist
Favourite Ape: Curious George
Andra Ciocan
Role: Art Director + SCRUM Master
Favourite Ape: Gibbons
Tyler Massicotte
Role: Software Developer
Favourite Ape: Donkey Kong